5 tips to save a potential client

Everyone tells you that you need to research your potential customers and different ways to bring them to your platform, but no one tells you that you still lose 30% of those who come. Whether you are in a small organization or at a large company, you need good filters, content to keep ‘potential customers.’

1. Surprise the customer: Give him more than his expectation about the product. This will give you a chance to collect his contact details.

2. Keep the contact form simple and valid: This one is crucial because it provides you a way to follow potential customer, So make sure all contact details added by the customer should be genuine and alert him if he makes any typos.  And for proper validation you can use WebLegit Validation Plugin


3. Effective CRM ( Help Desk ) : It’s important to keep track of customer issues and their progress. So that every complain go to the concern person so that customer get the solution of his problem as soon as possible. https://weblegit.com/crm.html

4. Easy Integration: It should be like plug and play so that customer can test his product in real time with the service and can go live like 1 2 3 go.

5. FAQs : An important part of any website which is untouched from long time but its important as other. If you update them regularly you can save your staff for solving same query again and again. And we made it advance with our effective FAQ Plugin which allows you to analyse customer response against each question so that you can improve them in real time. https://weblegit.com/toolfaq.html